A range of high performance and low profile LED Panel lights for home and commercial applications
Our range of Digilight Wide & Narrow LED Panel Lights are of up to date and modern design .When illuminated panel lights produce a very uniform, evenly distributed light. When switched off, they blend into the background and appear to be just another ceiling panel. The Digilight Wide LED Panel Light in variable Wattage is ideal for most home and commercial applications where there is a need to replace old fluro tubes.


Ultra-thin profile
Diffused lens gives an evenly distributed illuminated appearance
Integrated driver reduces installation complexity
Visually appealing light; High 80+ CRI
Easily installs in the most commonly used T-bar ceiling grids
Highly efficient lighting luminaire
Available Sizes

1 x 4 ft. (300 x 1200 mm)
2 x 2 ft. (600 x 600 mm)
2 x 4 ft. (600 x 1200 mm)

Digilight Wide & Narrow LED Panel Lights are a new design for indoor lighting with aluminium frame, aluminium LED plate, PMMA panel, SMD LED integration, delivers evenly distributed soft light, high brightness factor yet easy on the eyes. Life span is 10 times that of a standard fluorescent lamp, high energy saving, long life span and extremely low ongoing maintenance. Perfect for the home workspace and up to larger commercial office or retail space.

Square shape available and in 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 300x1200mm, Ø180*19mm.