Our range of LED globes for ambient and spotlights.Digilight offers a range of LED globes and LED bulbs. Want to simply save money: swap over old incandescent, halogen or CFL (compact fluorescent lights). Old light bulbs are designed to fail, requiring frequent replacement. LED lights are designed for life. For free standing light fixtures, or attached light fixtures, replacement is quick and easy. However, it is not fool proof, especially for low voltage replacement as LED lights may not work with older dimmers and older drivers (transformers). If they do not work, you will have to change to a new system. Many consumers buy LED bulbs through EBay, but many of these are unlikely to be SAA / NZ approved, and have poor quality control. A common problem is these are the “knockoff” version. What should you look for? A good warranty. Adequate brightness. Safety approval. (You don’t want to void your house insurance.) No flickering. Digilight has bulbs in a range of fittings and power.