DIGILIGHT LED FLOODLIGHTS. The running costs of traditional Halogen floodlights as used on work sites, car parks and sporting complexes amongst other places, is notoriously high. In contrast to this situation LED lighting has a significantly lower power and maintenance cost. For example a 20 Watt LED floodlight is the equivalent to an 80 Watt traditional incandescent floodlight, that is a massive saving in terms of electricity over a year and when you add to that the extended life cycle of LED as opposed to older lighting methods, payback for the cost of replacement is estimated at around 12 months. Here’s a short list of LED floodlights and their Incandescent equivalent:

20W LED Flood light – Equivalent to 80W Traditional Lighting
40W LED Flood light – Equivalent to 150W Traditional Lighting
50W LED Flood light – Equivalent to 200W Traditional Lighting
60W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 240W Traditional Lighting
80W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 320W Traditional Lighting
100W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 400W Traditional Lighting
160W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 640W Traditional Lighting
180W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 720W Traditional Lighting

The DIGILIGHT range of LED Floodlights comes in a range of colours, wattage and lumens from 20Watts LED to 150 Watts LED.