DIGILIGHT LED DOWNLIGHTS. Our range of sealed LED downlights are highly cost effective. Savings of up to 85% of the lighting component of your electricity bills are common; importantly these units give off a higher quality light due to the fact that they are LED. The cost savings are achieved because LEDs run at such low temperatures when compared to older, outmoded lighting units, for example the core temperature of an incandescent bulb or halogen light can be as high as 2500 C and the outer glass and surface reaches 500 C. When you consider that paper self ignites at around 230 C you can clearly understand the high fire risk that is attached to the use of non LED lighting. In stark contrast to these temperatures, LED downlights are far cooler running at around 30 C.

There yet more savings to be had with these sealed LED downlights and in a way it relates to the running temperature of LEDs versus the alternatives. Because the older style lights run so very hot, the units are not sealed, you will notice that they are in fact open so that the heat they generate dan dissipate. Because LEDs run cool, they can be sealed. The open nature of older lighting menas that in the cooler months, the heat that you pay for in keeping your house warm dissapears through the open light fittings, this in turn means that any insulation you have in your celings would be rendered useless and you pwer bills, because of the heat loss, would be artificially high.

There’s a flip side to this heat loss issue, in the warmer months when you are trying to keep your home cooler, older style lights running at such high temperatures can add significantly to your airconditioning costs plus because you have unsealed units, you now have the problem of cooler air escaping up into the celing space. Once more your insulation in the roof space could be rendered useless and your electricity bills pushed higher because of it.

It is estimated that this effect can add a further 20% or even more to your electricity costs.