Many bathrooms and kitchens have fluorescent circular ceiling lights which are “harsh” and provide a stark light. Digilight offers a range of LED ceiling fixtures. Existing ceiling lights may be incandesent. CFL (compact fluorescent light) or circular fluorescent tubes. When these luminaires are enclosed and air tight lights, the fixtures themselves deteriorate over time. You go to exchange the light when it fails, and you discover you need to change the whole fixture. Fluorescent lights are generally 32 watt for a larger unit, or maybe 20 watt for a smaller room.
Digilight can provide a new LED Ceiling Light. Choose the diameter, the wattage, and you have a light that will last for years, and provide up to 60% energy saving. We recommend dimmable lights to have softer light when you want it. Swapping over old lights is a simple way to save money. Old light bulbs are designed to fail, requiring frequent replacement. LED lights are designed for life.