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LED Calculators

The Digilight LED Savings Calculators are the latest in next generation tools  designed to enable users to quickly assess their available savings. They can get a detailed and customised LED Savings report by entering the details of their current lighting  to immediately see the amount they’re currently paying on screen versus the amount they would be paying when they they make the switch to LED lighting. The tool makes the calculation based on current costs of electricity, the type of lighting you currently have and an LED alternative lighting configuration which would provide the same or better light output but at lower cost.

We have LED Savings Calculators but they have been disabled due to security issues. Please contact us directly for calculation of energy savings. We have them for residential Savings Calculator, Floodlight Savings Calculator and for replacement of fluorescent tubes.

Residential Savings Calculator

Residential CalculatorThis calculator takes into account the current lighting equipment used in your home and as such it focuses on the comparisons between outmoded incandescent/halogen and compact fluorescent lighting versus new technology LED downlight alternatives. The calculator produces an instant result with graphs that you can view immediately. Send us an email, and we’ll send you a  detailed and customised report in PDF format. This report includes a ‘Quick Quote’ based on the proposed new LED Light configuration for your home as generated by the calculator.

Floodlight Savings Calculator

Flood light calculatorIn this instance, our LED Floodlight Savings Calculator looks mostly at the outdoor large area lighting situation which would typically be found around the outside of your home and also in more commercial applications such as in Floodlighting for car parks, sports arenas and more. The same approach is taken as for the LED Residential Calculator  so it’s just a matter of entering your current lighting configuration and the calculator does its work automatically. The calculator will immediately produce the current and estimated new costs of electricity and present a set of graphs along with your expected dollar savings and a new suggested LED Floodlight format with costs. A detailed and customised LED Savings report in PDF format can be sent to you by contacting us

It is important to note that all of our LED lighting units are to SAA standards and, in the case of outdoor LED Floodlighting and LED Street Lighting units we comply with IP65 weatherproofing and of course anti corrosion finishes.