LED Floodlight 10 W

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Digilight 10 Watt LED Floodlight equivalent to 40 Watt Halogen available in natural white, cool white and warm white, 180 x 140 x 130mm, with DIY water tight connection.


Product Description

LED Floodlight 10 W

The operating energy costs of traditional Halogen floodlights as security lights for lighting around the home or around shopping or sporting complexes amongst other places, is notoriously high. In contrast LED lighting uses significantly lower power and has zero costs, with a life expectancy of over 40,000 hours. Wtih a 4 to 1 saving over conventional halogen or incandescent based floodlights, and a 2 year warranty – change to Digilight LED Floodlight 10 W today.

  • Luminosity of 800lm
  • Great than 35,000 Hours Life
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Sealed Unit Construction
  • 120Degree Beam Angle
  • IP65 waterproof unit
  • Power input 10W, light output 8.3W
  • CR >70
  • Weight 0.52kg
  • AC 100- 240 Volt
  • Available in Natural White (400-4500k) or Cool White Warm White on order.
  • Comes with water tight connection.

This super efficient LED floodlight is the equivalent of an 40 Watt Halogen light, saving you an estimated 75% in electricity costs

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Cool, Natural White, Warm White