LED Ceiling Lights 15 W 275mm

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Digilight LED Ceiling light 15 W. Diametre 275mm, by 100mm height. With over 1100 lumens of light ( greater than many circular fluorescent fixtures). this has a lasting life and dimmable. A great replacement for those harsh fluorescent lights.


Product Description

LED Ceiling Lights 15 W 275mm

These Digilight LED Ceiling Lights 15 W 275mm are great ceiling lights to replace florescence fixtures in kitchens, bathrooms or living areas. LED lights are “instant on”, and dimmable. Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to the requirement for replacement of tubes. When fluorescent tubes fail, the fixture, which is made of plastic, become brittle and breaks. Fluorescent lights put out heat, and because the lights are often on for many hours per day, you may find the whole fixture needs replacement. Just when you have purchased a replacement tube! These LED Ceiling lights don’t have that issue.

  • Voltage Watts AC100-240V 15W
  • Color Natural white
  • CCT 5000K
  • LED 5630 SMD
  • CRI ﹥80
  • PF ﹥0.9
  • Beam angle 120°
  • Size Ø275*100mm
  • Lumens W 1250lm WW 1050lm

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Natural White, Warm White


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