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Faced with rising lighting costs Key Largo management decided to look for a smart alternative for their basement car park. Working with Digilight, they reviewed a number of alternatives and arrived at an ideal solution that balanced effectiveness, safety for guests and simplicity with initial costs and ongoing lighting power and maintenance savings. The first part of the solution was to use smart Chamaeleon Emergency battery backup lighting with inbuilt standby function so that the main driveway lights are always on but at a lower wattage/light level of just 8 watts until a car or a person is detected by the advanced, built in micro wave sensor. The sensor then activates the full power of the light lifting it to a beefy and bright 40 Watts of illumination. The second part was the installation of ‘always on’ low wattage high lumen LED tubes in battens. This integrated solution is designed to meet Key Largo’s cost savings criteria whilst delivering all of the benefits of effectiveness, safety, simplicity and low initial costs.

One of the most important considerations when buying lighting fixtures is the cost. Everyone wants to buy the best products with the best possible cost. But often, people associate the best price with the lowest price which can lead to wrong buying decisions.

The lowest price is not always the best. This is particularly true in case of LED lights, you will find the same type of bulb with a steep price variation. Different brands offer different prices and selection becomes difficult. In such cases, it is very important that before you buy to do your homework and find out what affects the price of the various types of LED lighting. When you know the determining factors, you will be able to make a better judgment about its best price.

In case of LED lights, the overall price is determined by the respective prices of three components and associated aspects i.e. LED chip, LED driver and Outer casing and, most importantly, the warranty that is offered, the compliance with Australian standards (SAA) and the anticipated life of the lamp and fitting. → Read more

It is an established fact that LED lighting is the most cost effective lighting solution available today. Regardless of a slightly higher capital cost, the incredibly low maintenance costs and high efficiency of these lights save huge amounts of money in the medium to long term. It is not unusual to hear of businesses making a return on their investment in less than 12 months.

Here are a few ways, which can help you enhance the savings through LED lights:

Use the Right Type of LED Fixture:

LED lighting technology offers customized lights for almost every area and every use but the maximum benefit can be attained only if the correct type of lighting is used. For example while LED floodlights work wonders for illuminating large areas or objects, these high wattage lights will not be feasible for use in regular living rooms. Instead, LED bulbs and sometimes tube lights will be best for such uses, in terms of both cost and lighting output.

Install Dimmers:

Not all areas require full illumination at all times. Galleries and hallways do not always need bright lighting, So in such applications, installing dimmers with LED lights can enhance the cost savings. Remember that the lower the level of illumination, the less will be the electricity uses and hence the greater will be the cost savings.

Install Lighting Sensors:

Another very effective way to increase the money savings is to use sensors with LED lights. Depending upon the area and application, vacancy sensors, sunset switches and occupancy sensors might be used. An example of this in a commercial setting would be an underground car park where often you will find that Fluorescent tubes are left on 24/7 burning electricity at a high rate. An analysis would show that in this circumstance, lights are only needed in the on position for perhaps 3 hours per day. Savings of close to 85% of lighting power can be made.

This is one for the more technically inclined! LED lights are rapidly increasing their share in the global lighting market. The last few decades have seen tremendous progress in design and manufacturing technologies which is why we now find LED bulbs available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. While the designing and manufacturing processes varies depending on the nature of the bulb, all types of LED light bulbs contain the following elementary parts: → Read more

LED lighting technology is often referred to as a miracle in the global lighting industry. On one hand, because of the wide range of benefits it offers in terms of energy and cost efficiency, while on the other hand, because of the diversity in the available styles, shapes, sizes as well as colors.

While LED lights present a range of solutions for both indoor as well as outdoor lighting requirements, its use in outdoor areas is rapidly increasing in popularity. Let’s take a look the top 4 LED outdoor lighting solutions in those terms.

LED Solutions For Security Lighting:

Security lighting is perhaps the most important element of outdoor lighting. These lights help us not only in keeping our building safe from the intruders, burglars and thieves, but also in avoiding any mishaps and accidents which might occur otherwise due to poor visibility. In this regard, LED floodlights is one of the best options we have now a days. While conventional high intensity floodlights consume a lot of energy and cost us a good bunch of money on their operation and maintenance, LED Bunker or specialise floodlights provide the same lighting output in a very efficient yet economical way. In addition, this form of lighting can be easily fitted with motions sensors to catch out and illuminate the unwary intruder. → Read more

Halogen bulbs may be found in numerous places in any given household, and have become quite popular over the years. They are most often used in spot lighting, such as landscaping lighting that is meant to highlight specific areas, but halogen bulbs have also been used for many other purposes around the house. These bulbs are bright and fairly inexpensive in the short term, which is the reason why they have become popular with consumers. → Read more

Fluorescent lighting has been quite a popular choice in home and office lighting over many years. However, if you are considering new lighting, switching to LEDs may be the smartest decision you will make to lower your electric bill and decrease your carbon footprint.

Here’s why: when choosing the best lighting option for your space, it’s not enough to just look at wattage, but to compare the prices of the bulbs, their longevity, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Only when you do this, will you have a comprehensive picture of what your lighting is really costing you. → Read more

When it comes to selecting the best lighting for your home or office, there are many options available to the average consumer. You have your choice of incandescent bulbs, CFLs, fluorescent bulbs, halogen lighting, and of course, LED lighting. But before you make a decision, there are numerous things to consider to ensure that you spend your money wisely in the short term, and maximize your savings in the long term. For example, when looking for the best lighting solution, you have to ask yourself questions like: Where is the bulb going to be placed? How bright do you wish it to be? How long would you like it to last? How much does it cost to purchase? How much does it cost to operate? Is it environmentally friendly? Is it safe to use around my children and pets? → Read more

Children’s room lighting is a very important for any household, mainly because the lighting needs keep changing as the kids grow older. At first, glare-free background lighting with a touch of decorative lighting suffices. Then, as they grow to the age where they learn to read, write and draw, focused and bright lighting becomes essential in order to prevent eye strain. Whatever age your children are, LED lighting products have the ability to cover the majority of their lighting needs and in a very efficient and cost effective manner. → Read more

The importance of quality lighting in workspace can never be understated, regardless of whether you are working in a commercial space or a home office. Whether you want to read, write or browse the internet, the presence of sufficient lighting can make it easy on the eyes and much more comfortable for you.. → Read more