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About Us

We are passionate about our planet and the need to conserve energy, our vision is  a world of lower cost lighting and a smaller carbon footprint thanks to the use of Digilight’s smart, long life and super efficient Digital LED Lighting. We see the enormous benefits attached to the use of this technology, reduced power costs, reduced heat loss, reduced and all but eliminated fire hazards associated with high temperature incandescent and other forms of lighting. Not only is this technology the right financial choice, it also aids the environment.

We are committed to providing our customers with top quality Digital LED products and services at very competitive pricing. We are a leading company in what we do and with our approach to the design and delivery of LED, we are one of very few who include the critical connection to local qualified installers at the customers option.

Our research has shown that those interested in acquiring LED lighting systems have been frustrated by the lack of installation services with many firms offering just the product without any further service. In response to this and based on sound research and previous experiences, we offer specific connections to suitably qualified electrical contractors who can install your new lighting with the minimum of fuss. It’s all about ‘Keeping It Simple’.

Andrew has had 40 years of practical and innovative experience including all aspects of agriculture and food products. Andrew has the ability to manage and solve problems. He is forward thinking and has keen interest in new technology and developments with a view to making life easier for people.


Hugh has spent the past 25 years in leadership for product commercialisation, successfully establishing businesses. Hugh is practised at company establishment; implementing business excellence including quality systems; winning and maintaining satisfied customers; creates return on investment for investors and customers alike. Passionate about renewable energy, and making a more sustainable world, both environmentally and for businesses.


Warren is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng – Electrical), with 5 years illumination engineering experience in lighting design for commercial, educational and residential buildings.